Buy a PlusCart

Buying a PlusCart

The official PlusCart shop

Other sources of supply for the PlusCart

  • Dablio Games Retro (Brazil)

    These PlusCarts are made with a custom production SMD PCB. The PCB is not open source (yet), and may not have a micro USB connector for manual flashing like the PlusCarts build with the STM32F407VGT breakout board. If you are living in South America shipping might be less expensive than shipping from Europe.

  • PowerOnGames (Brazil)

    PlusCart Duo (inkl. SD-Card) with STM32F407VGT breakout board and a custom 3D printed shell.

Sell your own PlusCarts

According to the GPL everyone has the right to build, sell and use a GPL product, as long as he hands the GPL to his customer. So if you like to build and sell PlusCarts yourself and want to get on this list send me a PM at AtariAge User Al_Nafuur